Most people enjoy luxury. Whether it’s something small like taking time for yourself or making an upgrade, there’s nothing quite like the finer things in life. This is especially true when it comes to your home. But what is the difference between any home you build and a luxury custom home? A custom home builder will tell you that there are many things that set these houses apart. Here are a few things that Holbrook & Nichols Construction wants you to know about a luxury custom home.

What makes a luxury custom home stand out?

Luxury is used to describe things that are comfortable, indulgent, classy, and pleasurable. A custom-built home delivers all these factors and more to homeowners. While the purpose of any is to serve your basic need for shelter, luxury custom homes also offer you lots of little touches that make life more enjoyable. The special features that are included will elevate the property’s value as well. The function, style, and placement of the home are what set these homes apart from others on the real estate market.

Do semi-custom-built homes fall under this same umbrella?

Not really. Homes that are partially custom built allow for some input from the homeowner, just not as much. This means you can probably include some elements of luxury. However, you’ll need to understand that you won’t have as much say on all of the features. There may also not be a guarantee that you’ll get everything you want. Most of the design, say, and construction decisions may fall to your general contractor. Your builder may follow a set style guide for the houses they build and may not deviate on the options that are offered. This fact alone removes some of the personal and unique touches that are typically associated with the concept of luxury.

Get a custom home builder who will build a unique, luxurious home that’s tailored to your every wish. Call Holbrook & Nichols Construction to see what we can build for you.