Whether you realize it or not, there are many differences between custom homes and production homes. One of the biggest is found in the actual process that goes into creating your home from the ground up. Holbrook & Nichols Construction wants you to understand the building process so you can make the best investment for your family and your future.

  • Lots and land – Before you can build a home, you have to have property. If you’re buying a production home,  you’ll typically buy a lot that’s part of a larger tract of land in a neighborhood. Houses in these developments may be close together and the lots may be small. Some homes may be built already so you can buy them as-is, while others may be designed and customized from a menu of options provided by the builder. In contrast, custom homes are often built on larger lots or plots of land. The buyer has the choice of where to buy land and build the home. When it comes to selecting all the options, features, and details of your house, the custom home design process is a true partnership between the homeowner and the builder.
  • Floor plans – Production homes must usually be designed from a pre-selected set of options. Buyers can pick and choose from certain features that are offered, allowing for minimal customization during the construction process. Also, the homes in a neighborhood will be of a similar design. On the other hand, a custom home can be constructed to your exact specifications. Designing your floor plan and selecting all the materials is done at your pace.
  • Options and restrictions – As you can imagine, production homes have some limitations. You won’t have as much control over construction. A production builder is usually on a very strict timeframe since the homes are essentially cookie-cutter copies of each other. Given the many restrictions, planning and constructing this type of home doesn’t take as much time. This may be ideal for some people. However, this is not the case when you work with a custom home builder. With this type of home, you are given an almost unlimited set of options. This gives you more time to explore designs, change plans, and adjust the construction process to meet your needs.

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