Holbrook & Nichols Construction knows how exciting it is once you’ve made the decision to hire a custom home builder to build your dream home! While you can’t wait for your home to be built, you have to keep some important questions in mind. For example, how long does it take to build a custom home? Our custom home builders in Brevard, NC want you to know about the various factors that determine a building project’s time period:

  • Design and layout – Your home’s layout will be one of the major factors when it comes to firming up a home construction project’s time frame. If you have specific features that require special attention, you can probably expect your home to take a bit longer to build than one that uses “cookie cutter” plans.
  • Size of the project – In addition to its design, the size of your home will also affect the project’s time estimate. Larger homes will require more time due to the increased amount of detail and labor needed to complete the project.
  • Location of the home – Your home’s location and environment can play a factor, too. For example, the type of soil, the terrain, and local zoning requirements are all things that must be considered before construction can begin. Depending on these factors, the time allowed for the project will vary.
  • Weather – One of the biggest factors that affects a home’s target completion date is the weather. Weather can be a custom home builder’s best friend or worst enemy when it comes to completing a build. Bad weather can hold up a project for weeks. If this is the case, your home builder will explain the situation to you and walk you through a revised schedule for getting your home completed as quickly as possible.

Are you ready to hire a custom home builder to create your new luxury home? Holbrook & Nichols is the team to call. As one of the top luxury construction companies in Brevard, Lake Toxaway, and Western North Carolina, we’ll build your home with both quality and the calendar in mind.