A large part of the planning process for your custom built home will revolve around finding the perfect piece of land. But what is the best lot size for custom built homes? As your local home construction company in the Brevard, NC area, Holbrook & Nichols Construction has the answers you need. Here are some basic steps to help you determine how much land is needed for your custom built home:

  • Factor in the average lot size – Due to the fluctuations in the local real estate market, there may be an average lot size you’d like to keep in mind. If your lot is too big or too small compared to others in the Brevard and Western North Carolina area, it may be harder for you to sell later on.
  • Consider your home’s function – As you design your home, you’ll need to consider the specific ways it will be used, especially the outdoor areas. Is this a home where your small children can grow up? Is it a vacation home or a retirement getaway? Do you like to entertain outdoors? How you plan to use your home will affect how much land you need.
  • Examine the layout – Talk about the features you want in your home with your luxury home construction company. Your builder’s plans will give you a good idea of how much space is needed for the overall size of your home. Choosing a lot before coming up with a plan can set you back since it may cause you to change the number of rooms in your home. If you’re unsure about your home’s design, try to figure this out before buying land.

Need advice about finding a lot or building your luxury custom homeCall Holbrook & Nichols Construction. As a top home construction company in the Brevard, NC area, we’ll give you sound advice about custom built homes.