Working with a builder for a custom home design is the first step toward getting your dream home. But there’s another, equally important part of the process. How will you create a signature look that you’ll love for years to come? Many homeowners turn to professionals for help. Interior designers and interior decorators both provide valuable services, but it is important to understand the differences between the two. As a Brevard custom home builder, Holbrook & Nichols Construction has helped many families design beautiful spaces. Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of hiring professional help for your home’s interior.

Who do they work with? Interior designers work with custom home builders, construction companies, and other building professionals. They’re often involved from the beginning stages of a project and can often be found on construction sites. Interior decorators tend to work directly with homeowners and businesses after a building or home is finished. They may also take on redecorating projects that don’t involve any changes to the structure itself.

What type of training is required? An interior designer must have a certification, license, and four-year degree to offer design services. Interior decorators are not required to have a degree but they may have certifications and memberships with one or more industry organizations.

What types of services do they offer? Interior designers will have training in architecture, safety requirements, building codes, acoustics, and ergonomics, among other subjects. Interior decorators focus more on aesthetic and organizational needs through the use of flooring, lighting, furnishings, and other items. They may also offer home staging services for real estate agents.

Of course, it all starts with a custom home design from a custom home builder near you. Call Holbrook & Nichols Construction to learn more about the many services we offer. Let us talk to you about your ideas and bring your dreams to life!