When it comes to your custom home’s construction, you probably want it to be completed in record time. After all, you want to start living in your luxury home as soon as you can. Part of an efficient home build has to do with the time of year since supply and demand vary by season, not to mention the role weather plays. In our experience, we’ve found that the fall and winter seasons are among the best times to build. Holbrook & Nichols Construction has four reasons why you should consider talking to a custom home builder now.

  1. You have a better chance of getting your permits quickly – In many cases, the application and approval process for building permits is time-consuming. Take advantage of the government agencies’ slow season and apply in the early fall or winter.
  2. There’s greater availability for custom home builders – Autumn and winter are considered to be the off-season for home construction. What does this mean for you? It will probably be easier for you to find a builder to design and build your custom home on your ideal timeframe.
  3. Take advantage of better prices – Since fall and winter aren’t the busiest times for custom built homes, you may wind up getting a better deal. Lower demand for labor and materials may drive prices down.
  4. The weather is working with you, not against – Finally, the weather this time of year provides better conditions for home construction. Spring and summer tend to be more volatile, with frequent rains and severe storms. Although the weather may be colder, it typically won’t stop your contractor from showing up to your job site.

Talk to the Brevard and Lake Toxaway area’s premier custom home builder by calling Holbrook & Nichols Construction today. Our builders will help you create the luxury home of your dreams any time of year.